Flower City Soap is a handmade artisan soap company, located in Rochester, New York. All soaps are made by hand, from scratch, in small batches, using the old-fashioned method of making soap (cold process). Soaps cure for 4-6 weeks before being sold. All Flower City soaps are palm-oil free and contain all-natural ingredients. We NEVER use fragrances or artificial colorants in any of our soap products. All soaps are naturally scented with pure, high quality, essential oils. Soaps are naturally colored with clays, plant-based colorants or micas.

I love making a handmade product that is both good for you and helps the environment by reducing plastics and wasteful packaging.  

Our Goal is Sustainable, Zero Waste, ECO-Friendly, & Plastic Free Packaging 

Flower City Soap is committed to a sustainable future because small acts, when multiplied by millions of people can change the world we live in.

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