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Flower City Soap

Ramie Cotton Soap Sack

Ramie Cotton Soap Sack

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About this product

Our soap saver bag is the perfect solution for those looking to make the most out of every bar of soap. Use with bar soap, shampoo bars or conditioner bars to extend the life of your products!

Made from cotton, this soap bag is designed to extend the life of your soap by allowing it to dry between uses.

Simply place your bar of soap inside the bag and use as you normally would. The exfoliating texture of the bag will help to lather and scrub, while also providing a gentle massage to your skin.

Instructions: Pop a full size bar of soap or your scrap soap ends into the bag and lather up! Hang to dry. Lasts up to 8 months with daily use.

This product is unpackaged and always ships 100% plastic-free using compostable/recyclable materials.

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